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Considering hosting your website or blog on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? You like the idea, but don't have a clue where to start? This article will guide you through the process of finding and setting up your very first VPS!

Shopping for the Best VPS for your needs

Advertisements have flooded the market for new and cheap vps hosting companies, but how can you really know which ones are the good ones? You could try to guess from the testing benchmarks to find the best VPS, but these are not always a good indication of what is really good out there. Reviews can also be relatively good, but be careful here too, as many reviews are promotions written by someone with an interest in promoting the VPS provider, and many are written under a fictitious name and free email account to register. A good rule of thumb is to email the reviewer and politely ask him or her if they still are with the VPS hosting company, and if they still like it. You can always ask to see one of the sites hosted too.

The Best VPS service can be found by doing this:

First, go to two or three review sites and peruse the reviews. If you see one provider come up many times on the same site, and also you see them on other review sites, its a good chance that they are more reliable than not. To get you started, you might want to visit Cheap VPS Reviews (http://cheapvpsreviews.com) or WebHosting Talk (http://webhostingtalk.com).

Next, read the reviews, comments and benchmark tests from as many sources as possible. A good rule of thumb is that if over 80% of the reviews are pretty good, you should have found the best VPS provider for your needs.

Finally, Email the company that you believe is the best VPS hosting company for your needs and ask them a few basic questions about their services. Here are a few questions that you could ask:

1. I'm thinking about running a few WordPress sites on one of your VPS plans. What is your backup strategy should there be an issue with my VPS?

2. If I need assistance with my VPS, what is the best way to get results as quickly as possible from the technical support or helpdesk team?

3. Is this a site owned by Constantinos? <--OK, I'm just joking about that one! :D

The point of sending them communication is to gauge the response times. If possible, keep the conversation going for a few emails as well to see if there's a drop off from them, or if they stay with you 100% of the way. This gives you a decent idea of what "customer support" means to them.

Some of the best VPS providers are not necessarily tier-1 providers, but a smaller company that has a datacenter location near to your target audience or yourself. You may find that you get better results from a geographically close server provider than a large host that only has a datacenter across the world.

Lastly, there are many schools of thought when it comes to finding the best VPS, but really, it comes down to your needs, location and a customer support group that you can become familiar with.

Don't Know Which Host Is Best?



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