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7 Reasons to buy a Cheap VPS

Cheap VPS Review is dedicated to bringing you the best VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plans for under $20. Having a VPS allows you total control over your webhosting, allows you Root access and allows you to configure the server the way you want it!

But Why buy a Cheap VPS???

Simply, here’s why:

1. Small Business or Individuals such as bloggers looking for great hosting
You want total control, stability and configurability on your web hosting platform. You’ve tried shared hosting, but it didn’t work out the way you wanted. Whether it was because WordPress Network wouldn’t configure right, or that you wanted to run a dynamic social network website, you just wanted or needed something more than you’re old shared hosting account.

2. You don’t have a lot of extra cash
Many of us fall into this category. Having four kids, mortgage, two cars and business expenses will really kill the budget! My wife and I made an agreement that I can do whatever I want as far as web- work is concerned as long as it doesn’t go over $20 a month. That is also the reason I started this website. There are many other (such as you) how just don’t believe in spending more than you have to.

3. You are new to the whole VPS thing
You have heard about running VPS servers, and you know you want to try it, but the problem is that you are not SysAdmin. You just need something cheap to learn on.

4. You are very frugal with your hard earned money
So you don’t like paying more than you have to. Nothing wrong with that. Believe me, you can get quite a bit for under $20 a month! Just check the listings!

5. You want to test the possibilites
You are the “Mad Scientist”. You want to see just what is possible. you need to know if you can really run WordPress off a 48MB VPS (yes, it’s possible, BTW). You know the regular control panels like the back of your hand. You know, Cpanel, Direct Admin and perhaps virtualmin. You really want to get to know your server. There’s no better way than the SSH command line. When you’re on a 48MB VPS, you’ll really have to work hard and learn in order to make your site go and remain stable.

6. You need something to develop on
You already have an existing website, but you need a development server to work on. You only need to grant access to yourself and perhaps a couple clients… A small memory server is just what you need.

7. You just hate the idea of your hosting company controlling what you can do
I know, even with a VPS the hosting company has some amount of control, but they are far less “hands on” and many don’t even check in with your server. If you don’t know, this is “unmanaged” VPS server hosting.

Don't Know Which Host Is Best?



Don't know which web host to use for your next website? Don't worry, it happens all the time! You know what you want your website to be and do, but you don't know what's going to work when it comes to hosting. That's ok. 

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