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HostWinds ReviewHostwinds offers fully mananged budget VPS hosting on premium hardware out of Dallas Texas as just one of their many hosting services. It's part of a comprehensive hosting lineup that includes:

  • Personal & Business Shared hosting
  • White label reseller hosting
  • Linux & Windows VPS hosting
  • Minecraft hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Hostwinds itself was founded in 2010 by Peter Holden in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is operated by a large staff of professional sales, administrative and technical support personel.

Hostwinds Pricing

Hostwinds Virtual Private Servers start at a very reasonable $7.50/month for a nice 1GB VPS.

A small package like this is definately enough to run your personal or small business site, a blog or even a small e-commerce shop with a few products. Unlike other VPS hosting companies, your network traffic is segmented away from all the other traffic giving your site visitors a fast loading website experience.

Like most VPS hosting, your VPS can grow with your site when it's needed, giving you options and versatility when you need it, but the best part is that it can be done almost instantly, minimizing the downtime to as low as just a few seconds.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

While other VPS providers would just give you an unmonitored VPS for the prices that Hostwinds offers, Hostwinds also offers server monitoring and management for your VPS, allowing you to focus on what really matters most -- your business or website updates.

They cover the following situations so you don't have to worry about monitoring the server yourself:

Website is down - Hostwinds technicains will ensure that this issue is resolved, with the utmost urgency.
Server is down / not accessable - The same as a website being down, Hostwinds technicains will ensure that the issue is resolved, with high priority.
Core system services down - Hostwinds technicians will ensure that this is corrected, and your core system service is in working order.
Website transfers - Hostwinds offers free website transfers for users coming from a cPanel environment, to a cPanel environment within Hostwinds.

As if that's not enough, Hostwinds can harden your server, ensuring that it has the latest security in place to nagate hacker attacks, DDOS and other issues that would cripple your site if it were hosted elsewhere.

At the very least, having your site hosted with Hostwinds means that you'll get someone monitoring wether your site and server (and it's services) are up or down, and working behind the scenes to fix it if there are issues. To me, having that kind of monitoring is a huge help and well worth the $7.50 price!

Looking To Setup A Wordpress Blog?

While you can definately get the $7.50 1GB Fully Managed Budget VPS, we'd recommend that you step up to the "Tier 2" VPS plan that offers you:

  • 2GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 2.5GB Burst RAM
  • 50GB HDD Space
  • 200Mbps Transfer speed (unlimited)
  • Additional IP (+$2)

All that costs is $17.50/month! - SIGNUP NOW!

You can also add more ram, CPU cores Disk space and transfer speed for just a few bucks more. If you're serious about starting your site out on the right foot, don't even consider shared hosting - Control your web hosting environment 100% with Hostwinds Budget VPS solutions today.

Even though Wordpress can run on lesser hosting, it doesn't do it well. When you want a clean, fast loading site that's ready for whatever you throw at it, then you need a VPS for sure. When you expect to built heavy traffic, then HostWinds is your Budget VPS provider.

Make sure that you also add Windspeed and Windshield for a fully optimized and hardened web hosting environment, perfect for your blog or website!

Automatic Server Monitoring

  • Advanced Server Monitoring - Hostwinds will Monitor your Server 24/7
  • A support ticket is automatically opened on your behalf upon detecting downtime, or Other Service Issues
  • Rest Easy Knowing your server is not only being monitored, but being monitored by a team that can actually fix the problems that arise quickly, thus minimizing downtime.

WindSpeed (Server Speed Optimization Services)


  • Services Performed On Your Server & Website
  • Performance Analysis
  • Test for Optimization of CSS, Javascript, & Images
  • Scan for Misconfigured Code
  • Webserver Optimization
  • Perfect For Traffic Spikes, and High Loads
  • Prepare your Site for DDOS attacks
  • MySQLOptimization
  • We optimize MySQL for your specific Applications or Websites
  • Lowers CPU Usage and Disk I/O
  • Increases Speed and Performance
  • One Time $40 charge

Windshield (Server Security Services)

  • Hostwinds Windshield Security Services:
  • Setup your Server Firewall
  • Perform An Application Audit
  • Perform a PCI Compliance Audit
  • Administer Server Hardening
  • One time $25 charge

Don't Know Which Host Is Best?



Don't know which web host to use for your next website? Don't worry, it happens all the time! You know what you want your website to be and do, but you don't know what's going to work when it comes to hosting. That's ok. 

Let Our Team Of Hosting Experts Work For You

We take your requirements and go to the hosting providers to get you the best hosting for your hard earned cash based on your needs and wants. Usually it takes four or five hours to do a proper shopping comparison, but we'll do this for you 100% FOR FREE!


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